Homelessness Blinders™

Out of sight. Out of mind.

See the Future, Not the Present

A convenient tech-forward solution to an uncomfortable and stubborn problem.

[Un]disrupt Your Life

Adaptive, cutting edge technology to provide you with the utmost detachment.

Real World #filter™

Take the #filter out of Instagram and into your real life. Use the Discomfort #Filter™ to remove all Uncomfortable Eye Clutter. Homeless people, excrement, trash, now all rainbows and sunshine.

Sonic Redirection™

Whether it's your favorite, new hip hop album or simply gentle affirmations, our patented Sonic Redirection™ syncs with your favorite playist to drown out the unpleasantries.

Face Shield™

No more worrying about people posting embarrassing videos of you on the internet doing unconscionable things to the differently forturnate. With Face Shield™, you don't have worry about being shamed for simply trying to remove the burdens to your peaceful commute.

Nose Guard 3000™

Nothing makes you long for your Midwestern home more than the unfortunate smell of urine. Thanks to the Nose Guard 3000™, you'll have the sweet scent of lavender to help you forget about that lack of bathroom access.


Real life quotes from actual people.

No. No. No. No.

You can't buy these. But you can do something and be a part of the solution.

  • Get human.
  • Get educated.
  • Get involved.
  • Get organized.
  • Get loud.

Practice treating the unhoused with dignity. Check out this guide.

Know and understand what's going on in regards to the homelessness crisis.

Check out these organizations to support with time and money.

Rally your own community to make positive impact

Speak to the levers of change. Call politicians. Nag your company to do more. Call out your friends.